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Sep 16, 2003 · Hi Farmplinker: Further to Benjj's post, 1/4=IC (roughly) and 1/2=Mod (again, roughly); apologies if you already knew that. I personally prefer the European choke designations, but you don't see too many references listed that way here stateside. As far as which choke to choose for your clays outing, either Mod or IC are competent, but which to ...

In this, Gil promotes Modified choke as the best for all around sporting clays shooting. If you like data, this is the text to read: Sporting Shotgun Performance. Note, choke is the difference between the bore diameter of the barrel of the shotgun and the minimum diameter of the constriction at the muzzle.Several years ago I restocked a 32" L.C. Waterfowl gun for sporting clays. I cut the chokes to 0.0.15 and 0.025 - it is a 2 trigger gun so barrel selection is simple. I have never regretted this decision, but I do like tight chokes. If you are going to play in SxS tournaments open chokes will be a disadvantage.A rough guide is to use Skeet chokes for a target that is less than 25 yards away, ¼ choke for 25-yard targets, ½ choke at 30 yards, ¾ choke at up to 35 yards and Full for anything at 40 yards or more. In addition to the degree of constriction, or choke, many other factors impact on pattern size and quality, from bore size, the type and ...

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As your game advances a bit, my recommendation is to use a good middle-of-the-road choke like IC or light modified for the majority of the course, changing chokes only on the “extremes.”. Open up to skeet or even cylinder for a target inside of 20 yards, and tighten up to modified for targets 40 yards or beyond. These are very general ...If a shotgun has an improved-cylinder choke, the constriction in the barrel is 0.010 inches. If a modified choke, 0.020 inches. If an improved-modified choke, 0.030 inches. A full choke, 0.040 inches. Full …A full choke tube that has a tight constriction may seem like the ideal choice, but if your aim is bad, you are more than likely to miss your target. An improved cylinder, on the other hand, has a less constriction than a full choke. And this, according to many guns experts is the best choice for sporting clays.

As your game advances a bit, my recommendation is to use a good middle-of-the-road choke like IC or light modified for the majority of the course, changing chokes only on the “extremes.”. Open up to skeet or even cylinder for a target inside of 20 yards, and tighten up to modified for targets 40 yards or beyond. These are very general ...Chokes on the Skeets. Using a skeet choke, which restricts the bullet’s path to 0.005 inches, a shooter may accurately strike moving targets from a large distance in the air. The pellets have ...First, virtually every person that demeaned a poly choke had never owned or even shot a poly choke. Secondly, and more importantly, virtually every person that shot a test gun with a poly choke in sporting clays improved their scores SUBSTANTIALLY....shooting a strange gun. (Non-registered league shooters; not scientific).Like. cdb1097. 25848 posts · Joined 2009. #6 · Jul 3, 2011. The best thing to tame the recoil on the light Y-Guns is to reduce the payload. I shoot a 3/4 ounce 12 Ga load that I can shoot all day long. In my 6 pound 20 Ga Y-gun I have gone to a 5/8 ounce load, breaks clays and drops doves like a rock if I do my part.Many of the seasoned shooters seem to put in a LM or tighter choke and never change them. Anyway, it all depends on the course and your experience as some courses are "skeet in the woods" and others can be extreme in regard too target distance. Joe Potosky. The Lost Target - Guns in the News. Like.

5. Reply. extremechokes. • 4 yr. ago. Modified (.020") is the best all around choke for Sporting Clays. You can decisively hit any full face target up to 65 yards, any partially open or even edgy target up to 55 yards. I have been shooting M/M combo in my K-80 for about 4 years and it has been proven to be the most optimal.Using a full choke for clay shooting may be too tight and can lead to missed targets due to narrow spread, making improved cylinder or modified chokes more suitable. What is a cylinder choke used for in clay shooting? A cylinder choke is best for close-range shooting on fast-moving clay targets, providing a wide spread for better coverage. ….

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Sep 8, 2010 · I recently switched to the Muller U1/U2 chokes and they have been really giving me great patterns and hard breaks. I've been impressed with that little U1 choke it will break targets well beyond what a normal .005 (SK) constriction choke should. The U2 really hammers the clays.1. Winchester - Browning INV - Moss 500 Blued Choke Tube … Brand: Carlson's Choke Tubes; Manufacturer: Carlson's; Color: Black; Dimensions: Height: 2.0 Inches Width: 2.0 Inches Length: 4.0 Inches Weight: 0.08 Pounds `; This Winchester - Browning INV - Moss 500 Blued Choke Tube is a great product for those who are looking for a quality choke tube.

For sporting clays using a 28 gauge, I like to use a little tighter choke than other people use with a 12 gauge. For sporting clays at the range I frequent, IC and IM are my best combination of chokes while most people shooting 12 gauge seem to use SK and Mod at the same range. I realize this doesn't help much for bird hunting.jacksback. 1258 posts · Joined 2013. #5 · Sep 11, 2014. Best all-around choke for 20 to 40 yard targets near sea level elevation is the LM. If the course is short and most targets are under 35, you can get by with IC; if there are several over 45 yards, you'll want the Mod or Imod. If you shoot at elevation, like above 5000 feet, then Sk or ...

fox news channel daily schedule So, at a given distance for general sporting clays(all shooting clay sports) is there a significant difference between the two chokes? Consider this as using #7 1/2 or #8 shot, mostly #7-1/2, 1200fps, 2-3/4 shells if that helps. ... IC/Mod or LM/IM are good combinations, but I have shot my best with IM/Xtra full fixed choke 16 gauge AyA double ... vsc and engine lightcomcast xfinity cancel appointment Skeet - Just slightly tighter than cylinder bore, skeet choke tubes are made to get a quick spread on shot while providing slightly more range. Ideal for the close shots common on a skeet range or when shooting other clays. Can also be good for hunting quail flushing from underfoot. The ideal range for this choke constriction is 15 to 25 yards. wells fargo transaction dispute For ammo we shoot 1200fps 1-1/8oz #8. We don't change chokes or ammo during the course, the most we'll do is alternate between over and under barrels for the first shot. The local sporting clays courses we shoot are shot at mostly longer distances. Neither of us are very good at sporting clays but we have fun.Feb 4, 2012 · 1843 posts · Joined 2005. #14 · Feb 5, 2012. National champion Anthony Matarese Jr uses one choke in his 391- a Pure Gold 15 which is light modified but really patterns modified. I use the same choke but don't seem to get the same results. Outdoor Hub mobile, the outdoor information engine. 35in tiresjudge valentine wall hatfieldgreat clips meijer lorain Sporting Clays Chokes. Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 40 of 55 Posts. 1 2 3. S. sera russell · Registered. Joined Nov 10, 2003 · 4,069 Posts #21 · Apr 10, 2007. Only show this user ... I have shot the entire course with only that choke and did some of my best shooting both close and far.1612 posts · Joined 2020. #1 · Jan 31, 2022. I own a browning 725 sporting 30" that weighs about about 7.7 lbs. according to my scale It shoots good. Its my first gun and I have learned how to shoot it. This weekend I was shooting a CZ Sporter, that a little beefier and about 1 lb heavier at 8.6lbs. I really like how soft the heavier CZ shoots. lowes chain by the foot I normally use reloads of 3/4 oz. 8 1/2 shot, and put skeet#1 and skeet #2 (a.k.a. Light Modified) tubes in the gun most of the time, and the tighter choke breaks targets at impressive distances. But if I am shooting a "hunter's clays" course set-up where ranges are shorter, I will go to skeet and IC.Ulysses. 21248 posts · Joined 2003. #3 · Nov 5, 2013. Here's a suggestion. Why not pattern the Muller chokes at about 30 yards (a typical distance sporting clays shot) and then pattern your Beretta IC chokes at the same distance. This will give you a good idea how they compare. Then you can choose whichever ones suit your shooting … best imprinting settings arkhow to build a second floor on bloxburggrand tire moab utah I prefer a lighter barrel for sporting clays. This ain't trap, it's sporting clays. A light barrel allows you to jink the barrel faster.<br> <br> I have a 28" light contour barrel on my 1187. If I use a standard weight barrel, I prefer a 26". The two swing similarly, though the 28" is a wee bit lighter.<br> <br> My 1187 20ga has a 26" barrel.